The changelog below reflects new product developments and updates on a monthly basis.

Feb 2024

  • Added org-scoped authentication enforcement for SAML
  • Added support for SCIM along with instructions for setting it up with Okta, Azure, and JumpCloud.
  • Pushed out project update for non-E2EE w/ new endpoints like for project creation and member invitation.
  • Added API Integration testing for new backend.
  • Added capability to create projects in Terraform.
  • Added slug-based capabilities to both organizations and projects to gradually make the API more developer-friendly moving forward.
  • Fixed + improved various analytics/telemetry-related items.
  • Fixed various issues associated with the Python SDK: build during installation on Mac OS, Rust dependency.
  • Updated self-hosting documentation to reflect new backend.
  • Released Postgres-based Infisical helm chart.
  • Added checks to ensure that breaking API changes don’t get released.
  • Automated API reference documentation to be inline with latest releases of Infisical.

Jan 2024

  • Completed Postgres migration initiative with restructed Fastify-based backend.
  • Reduced size of Infisical Node.js SDK by ≈90%.
  • Added secret fallback support to all SDK’s.
  • Added Machine Identity support to Terraform Provider.
  • Released .NET SDK.
  • Added symmetric encryption support to all SDK’s.
  • Fixed secret reminders bug, where reminders were not being updated correctly.

Dec 2023

Nov 2023

Oct 2023

  • Added support for GitLab SSO.
  • Became SOC 2 (Type II) certified.
  • Reduced required JWT configuration from 5-6 secrets to 1 secret for self-hosting Infisical.
  • Compacted Infisical into 1 Docker image.
  • Added native Hasura Cloud integration.
  • Updated resource deletion logic for user, organization, and project deletion.

Sep 2023

  • Released secret approvals feature.
  • Released an update to access controls; every user role now clearly defines and enforces a certain set of conditions across Infisical.
  • Updated UI/UX for integrations.
  • Added a native integration with Qovery.
  • Added service token generation capability for the CLI.

Aug 2023

July 2023

June 2023

  • Released the Terraform Provider.
  • Updated the usage and billing page. Added the free trial for the professional tier.
  • Added native integrations with Checkly, Hashicorp Vault, and Cloudflare Pages.
  • Completed a penetration test with a very good result.
  • Added support for multi-line secrets.

May 2023

  • Released secret scanning capability for the CLI.
  • Released customer / license service to manage customer billing information, cloud plans, and self-hosted enterprise licenses; all instances of Infisicals now fetch/relay information from this service.
  • Completed penetration test.
  • Released new landing page.
  • Started SOC 2 (Type II) compliance certification preparation.
  • Released new deployment options for, Digital Ocean and Render.

April 2023

  • Upgraded secret-handling to include blind-indexing (can be thought of as a fingerprint).
  • Added Node SDK support for working with individual secrets.
  • Released preliminary Python SDK.
  • Released service accounts, a client type capable of accessing multiple projects.
  • Added native Supabase integration.
  • Added native Railway integration.
  • Improved dashboard speed / performance.
  • Released the Secrets Overview page for users to view and identify missing environment secrets within one dashboard.
  • Updated documentation to include quickstarts and guides; also updated

March 2023

  • Added support for global configs to the Kubernetes operator.
  • Added support for self-hosted deployments to operate without any attached email service / SMTP configuration.
  • Added native Azure Key Vault integration.
  • Released one-click AWS EC2 deployment method.
  • Released preliminary Node SDK.

Feb 2023

  • Upgraded private key encryption/decryption mechanism to use Argon2id and 256-bit protected keys.
  • Added preliminary email-based 2FA capability.
  • Added suspicious login alerting if user logs in via new device or IP address.
  • Added documentation for PM2 integration.
  • Added secret backups support for the CLI; it now fetches and caches secrets locally to be used in the event of future failed fetch.
  • Added support for comparing secret values across environments on each secret.
  • Added native AWS Parameter Store integration.
  • Added native AWS Secrets Manager integration.
  • Added native GitLab integration.
  • Added native CircleCI integration.
  • Added native Travis CI integration.
  • Added secret tagging capability for enhanced organizational structure/grouping.
  • Released new dashboard design allowing more actions to be performed within the dashboard itself.
  • Added capability to generate .env.example file.

Jan 2023

  • Added preliminary audit logging capability covering CRUD secret operations.
  • Added secret overriding capability for team members to have their own branch of a secret.
  • Added secret versioning capability.
  • Added secret snapshot and point-in-time recovery capabilities to track and roll back the full state of a project.
  • Added native Vercel integration.
  • Added native Netlify integration.
  • Added native GitHub Actions integration.
  • Added custom environment names.
  • Added auto-redeployment capability to the Kubernetes operator.
  • (Service Token 2.0) Shortened the length of service tokens.
  • Added a public-facing API.
  • Added preliminary access control capability for users to be provisioned read/write access to environments.
  • Performed various web UI optimizations.

Nov 2022

  • Infisical is open sourced.
  • Added Infisical CLI support for Docker and Docker Compose.
  • Rewrote the Infisical CLI in Golang to be platform-agnostic.
  • Rewrote the documentation.

Oct 2022

  • Added support for organizations; projects now belong to organizations.
  • Improved speed / performance of dashboard by 25x.
  • Added capability to change account password in settings.
  • Added persistence for logging into the organization and project that users left from in their previous session.
  • Added password recovery emergency kit with automatic download enforcement upon account creation.
  • Added capability to copy-to-clipboard capabilities.
  • Released first native integration between Infisical and Heroku; environment variables can now be sent and kept in sync with Heroku.

Sep 2022

  • Added capability to change user roles in projects.
  • Added capability to delete projects.
  • Added Stripe.
  • Added default environments (development, staging, production) for new users with example key-pairs.
  • Added loading indicators.
  • Moved from push/pull mode of secret operation to automatically pulling and injecting secrets into processes upon startup.
  • Added drag-and-drop capability for adding new .env files.
  • Improved security measures against common attacks (e.g. XSS, clickjacking, etc.).
  • Added support for personal secrets (later modified to be secret overrides in Jan 2023).
  • Improved account password validation and enforce minimum requirements.
  • Added sorting capability to sort keys by name alphabetically in dashboard.
  • Added downloading secrets back as .env file capability.

Aug 2022

  • Released first version of the Infisical platform with push/pull capability and end-to-end encryption.
  • Improved security handling of authentication tokens by storing refresh tokens in HttpOnly cookies.
  • Added hiding key values on client-side.
  • Added search bar to dashboard to query for keys on client-side.
  • Added capability to rename a project.
  • Added user roles for projects.
  • Added incident contacts.

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