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Meet other projects whose code and culture is open.

BoxyHQBoxyHQ’s suite of APIs for security and privacy helps engineering teams build and ship compliant cloud applications faster.
Learn more is a scheduling tool that helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.
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Crowd.devCentralize community, product, and customer data to understand which companies are engaging with your open source project.
Learn more
DocumensoThe Open-Source DocuSign Alternative. We aim to earn your trust by enabling you to self-host the platform and examine its inner workings.
Learn more
ErxesThe Open-Source HubSpot Alternative. A single XOS enables to create unique and life-changing experiences ​​that work for all types of business.
Learn more
FormbricksSurvey granular user segments at any point in the user journey. Gather up to 6x more insights with targeted micro-surveys. All open-source.
Learn more
GitWonkGitWonk is an open-source technical documentation tool, designed and built focusing on the developer experience.
Learn more
HankoOpen-source authentication and user management for the passkey era. Integrated in minutes, for web and mobile apps.
Learn more
HTMXHTMX is a dependency-free JavaScript library that allows you to access AJAX, CSS Transitions, WebSockets, and Server Sent Events directly in HTML.
Learn more
NovuThe open-source notification infrastructure for developers. Simple components and APIs for managing all communication channels in one place.
Learn more
OpenBBDemocratizing investment research through an open source financial ecosystem. The OpenBB Terminal allows everyone to perform investment research, from everywhere.
Learn more
SniffnetSniffnet is a network monitoring tool to help you easily keep track of your Internet traffic.
Learn more
TypebotTypebot gives you powerful blocks to create unique chat experiences. Embed them anywhere on your apps and start collecting results like magic.
Learn more
WebinyOpen-source enterprise-grade serverless CMS. Own your data. Scale effortlessly. Customize everything.
Learn more
WebstudioWebstudio is an open source alternative to Webflow
Learn more
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