Point-in-time recovery allows secrets to be rolled back to any point in time. It’s powered by snapshots that get created after every mutations to a secret within a given folder and environment.


Similar to Git, a commit in Infisical is a snapshot of your project’s secrets at a specific point in time scoped to the environment and folder it is in. You can browse and view your project’s snapshots via the “Point-in-Time Recovery” sidebar.

PIT commits PIT snapshots

Rolling back

Secrets can be rolled back to any point in time via the “Rollback to this snapshot” button. This will roll back the changes within the given folder and environment to the chosen time.

It’s important to note that this rollback action is localized and does not affect other folders within the same environment. This means each folder maintains its own independent history of changes, offering precise and isolated control over rollback actions. In essence, every folder possesses a distinct and separate timeline, providing granular control when managing your secrets.

PIT snapshot

Rolling back secrets to a past snapshot creates a new commit, creates a snapshot at the top of the stack and updates secret versions.