Folders provide a powerful and intuitive way to structure your secrets. They offer a system to keep your secrets organized and easily accessible, which becomes increasingly important as your collection of secrets grows.

With folders in Infisical, you can now create a hierarchy of folders to organize your secrets, mirroring your application’s architecture or any logical grouping that suits your needs. Whether you follow a microservices architecture or work with monorepos, folders make it simpler to locate, manage and collaborate between teams.

Creating a folder

To create a folder, head over to the environment where you’d like to create the folder. Once there, click the Add folder button as shown below. If you wish to create nested folders, simply click into the folder of choice and click Add folder button again.

dashboard add folders

Folder names can only contain alphabets, numbers, and dashes

Compare folders across environments

The overview screen provides a comprehensive view of all your secrets and folders, organized by environment.

dashboard secret overview with folders

When you click on a folder, the overview will be updated to show only the secrets and folders in that folder. This allows you to compare secrets across environment regardless of how deeply nested your folders are.