Prevent secret leaks in your source code

Infisical Radar automatically identifies hardcoded secrets and prevents leaks to git.

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Infisical processes over1.3 billion secretsper month
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(base) user@MacBook-Pro % git commit -m "Code Update"Warning:Detected 2 Secret Leaks – Infisical blocked the commit to prevent thisSecret #1:File: backend/src/json/integrations.json Line: 5 Secret #2:File: backend/src/pages/dashboard.tsx Line: 12
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Automaticallyidentify and preventsecret leaks to git using Infisical's continuous monitoring and precommit checks – supportsover 140 secret types.
Integrate with Infisical Secret StoreCombine secret management and secret scanning in one tool – prevent multiple parties from accessing your secrets.
Stop alert fatigueStop overwhelming yourself with false positive alerts. Infisical has a 91% true positive rate.
Decentralize remediationAutomate and decentralize response to incidents by alerting the right developers as soon as possible.
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Connect Infisical with any of the 20+ available integrations across CI/CD, alerting, SIEM, or version control software
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Built Open Source

We strongly believe that open source is the only right way to be for security software. On top of that, Infisical strives to maintain the highest security standards in the industry. You can read our security briefhere.

Self-host Infisical
Open Source.Self-host Infisical wherever you want – your data never leaves your own infrastructure.
Simple & Reliable.Infisical supports a number of 1-click deployment options as well as highly-available kubernetes deployments.
Secure.Infisical's zero-knowledge architecture prevents us or any hackers from accessing your data.
Protect secrets and sensitive data with identity-based security
We protect your data.Read our security brief. SOC2 Type 2 Certified
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