JumpCloud SAML SSO is a paid feature.

If you’re using Infisical Cloud, then it is available under the Pro Tier. If you’re self-hosting Infisical, then you should contact [email protected] to purchase an enterprise license to use it.


Prepare the SAML SSO configuration in Infisical

In Infisical, head to your Organization Settings > Authentication > SAML SSO Configuration and select Set up SAML SSO.

Next, copy the ACS URL and SP Entity ID to use when configuring the JumpCloud SAML application.

JumpCloud SAML initial configuration


Create a SAML application in JumpCloud

2.1. In the JumpCloud Admin Portal, navigate to User Authentication > SSO and create an application. If this is your first application, select Get Started; if not, select +Add New Application

JumpCloud SAML new application

2.2. Next, select Custom SAML App to open up the New SSO dialog.

JumpCloud custom SAML app

2.3. In the General Info tab, give the application a unique name like Infisical.

JumpCloud general info

2.4. In the SSO tab, set the SP Entity ID and ACS URL from step 1; set the IdP Entity ID to the same value as the SP Entity ID.

JumpCloud edit basic config

2.5. On the same tab, check the Sign Assertion checkbox and fill the IDP URL to something unique. Copy the IDP URL to use when finishing configuring the JumpCloud SAML in Infisical.

JumpCloud edit basic config 2

2.6. On the same tab, in the Attributes section, configure the following map:

  • email -> email
  • firstName -> firstname
  • lastName -> lastname

JumpCloud attribute statements

Finally press activate to create the SAML application.

2.7. Next, select the newly created SAML application and select Download certificate under the IDP Certificate Valid dropdown

JumpCloud download certificate


Finish configuring SAML in Infisical

Back in Infisical, set the IDP URL from step 2.5 and the IdP Entity ID from step 2.4. Also, paste the certificate from the previous step.

JumpCloud IdP values

When pasting the certificate into Infisical, you’ll want to retain -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- at the first and last line of the text area respectively.


Assign users in JumpCloud to the application

Back in JumpCloud, navigate to the User Groups tab and assign users to the newly created application.

JumpCloud SAML assignment


Enable SAML SSO in Infisical

Enabling SAML SSO allows members in your organization to log into Infisical via JumpCloud.

JumpCloud SAML assignment


Enforce SAML SSO in Infisical

Enforcing SAML SSO ensures that members in your organization can only access Infisical by logging into the organization via JumpCloud.

To enforce SAML SSO, you’re required to test out the SAML connection by successfully authenticating at least one JumpCloud user with Infisical; Once you’ve completed this requirement, you can toggle the Enforce SAML SSO button to enforce SAML SSO.

We recommend ensuring that your account is provisioned the application in JumpCloud prior to enforcing SAML SSO to prevent any unintended issues.

If you’re configuring SAML SSO on a self-hosted instance of Infisical, make sure to set the AUTH_SECRET and SITE_URL environment variable for it to work:

  • AUTH_SECRET: A secret key used for signing and verifying JWT. This can be a random 32-byte base64 string generated with openssl rand -base64 32.
  • SITE_URL: The URL of your self-hosted instance of Infisical - should be an absolute URL including the protocol (e.g. https://app.infisical.com)