Get your Digital Ocean Personal Access Tokens

On Digital Ocean dashboard, navigate to API > Tokens and click on “Generate New Token” integrations digital ocean dashboard

Name it infisical, choose No expiry, and make sure to check Write (optional). Then click on “Generate Token” and copy your API token. integrations digital ocean token modal

Click on the Digital Ocean App Platform tile and enter your API token to grant Infisical access to your Digital Ocean account. integrations

If this is your project’s first cloud integration, then you’ll have to grant Infisical access to your project’s environment variables. Although this step breaks E2EE, it’s necessary for Infisical to sync the environment variables to the cloud platform.

Then enter your Digital Ocean Personal Access Token here. Then click “Connect to Digital Ocean App Platform”. integrations infisical dashboard digital ocean integration

Start integration

Select which Infisical environment secrets you want to sync to which Digital Ocean App and click “Create Integration”. integrations digital ocean select projects

Done! integrations digital ocean integration success

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