1. Overview

Self-host vs. Infisical Cloud

Self-hosting Infisical means managing the service yourself, taking care of upgrades, scaling, security, etc.

If you’re less technical and looking for a hands-free experience with minimal overhead then we recommend Infisical Cloud.

Infisical Cloud also comes with some extra features unavailable in the self-hosted edition. You can find more information about Infisical Cloud’s offering on the pricing page.

Deployment options

Infisical can be deployed on a Linux VM with docker-compose and Kubernetes. We’re rolling out more specific deployment options for DigitalOcean, AWS, GCP, and Azure soon.


Infisical collects telemetry data about general usage.

The data helps us understand how the product is doing and guide our product development to create the best possible platform; it also helps us demonstrate growth for investors as we support Infisical as open-source software.

To opt out of telemetry, you can set TELEMETRY_ENABLED=false within the environment variables.