Alternatively, you can use Infisical’s official Github Action here.

Infisical lets you sync secrets to GitHub at the organization-level, repository-level, and repository environment-level.


  • Set up and add envars to Infisical Cloud
  • Ensure that you have admin privileges to the repository you want to sync secrets to.

Authorize Infisical for GitHub

Navigate to your project’s integrations tab in Infisical.


Press on the GitHub tile and grant Infisical access to your GitHub account (repo privileges only).

integrations github authorization

If this is your project’s first cloud integration, then you’ll have to grant Infisical access to your project’s environment variables. Although this step breaks E2EE, it’s necessary for Infisical to sync the environment variables to the cloud platform.


Configure Infisical GitHub integration

Select which Infisical environment secrets you want to sync to which GitHub organization, repository, or repository environment.

integrations github

Finally, press create integration to start syncing secrets to GitHub.

integrations github

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