Traba secures their infrastructure with Infisical

Traba connects businesses with vetted workers for staffing needs by utilizing location monitoring, AI, and other technologies. They partnered with Infisical to secure and automate secret management across their infrastructure.

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North America
51-200 employees
$45.6M raised from Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst.
5-10 engineering hours saved per week
Reduced cost and time-spent during on/off-boarding of engineers
Significant improvement in security posture
Infisical has fully automated our secret management workflows, which reduced the time we spend on it by 95%! Rohan Bansal, Software Engineer, Traba
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Traba's engineering team and product infrastructure has scaled rapidly over the past few years. As a result, the team has started running into usual secret sprawl issues:
  • Scalability and Maintenance Overhead: The growing user base (which leads to an increasing number of applications, environments, and pipelines) creates scaling challenges and could lead to accidental mistakes during deployments.
  • Time-consuming processes: Manual and non-self-serve secret management workflows take up engineering team's time from working on things that are core to the business.
  • Inconsistent Environments: Fast development cycles lead to out-of-sync secrets, .env files, and environments which results in bugs and causes developers to slow down.
  • Security Risks: Distributed secret management implies no centralized system of controls and audits which could lead to undesired security consequences.
  • Solution
    To solve the above problems, Traba has partnered with Infisical to centralize its secrets management workflows and establish a single source of truth. Some of the functionality that the team at Traba is using includes:
  • Web Dashboard: A self-serve UI allowed Traba engineers to effortlessly manage secrets in different environments according to their permissions.
  • Infisical CLI: When developing locally, Traba engineers can use Infisical to inject secrets into their local application environments – completely removing the need for .env files and reducing security risks that stem from having secrets on local machines.
  • Integrations: Using Infisical's native integrations, Traba was able to automate secret propagation to various production and CI/CD environments.
  • Kubernetes Operator: As Traba's team started migrating onto Kubernetes-based infrastructure they were able to utilize Infisical's Kubernetes Operator to easily propagate secrets to the right containers and automatically redeploy their applications.
  • Results
    Infisical's centralized secret management platform allowed Traba to significantly enhance their operational efficiency and boost their security posture.
    Set it and forget it
    As mentioned by the Traba team, "Infisical took just a few hours to set up but has drastically reduced the time we spend on secrets management and dealing with misconfigurations in our environments".
    Enhanced security posture
    Traba's team is now able to easily keep control over which engineers and machine identities have access to which credentials across their infrastructure. All of their secrets are encrypted and secured by Infisical.
    Productivity and efficiency gain
    In addition, Traba's engineering was able to cut down the amount of time they spend on secret management by 95%:
  • Fast developer onboarding: new engineers are now able to immediately get up and running with access to the necessary environments.
  • Automated workflows through integrations: Infisical allowed Traba to secure and efficiently propagate secrets to the right environments and applications. As described by the Traba team, "Instead of an engineer manually copying key changes across multiple environments, any updates now propagate immediately in real time.". Infisical's wide range of integrations also came in handy – "It was great to see so many integrations available; as we were scanning through the list, we saw some for tools and services we weren't yet using but were contemplating adopting. Knowing the Infisical integration already existed made us feel a lot more secure in some of those decisions".
  • Self-serve secret management: With Infisical Traba engineers can easily (submit requests to) upgrade secrets in the environments they have access to – as a result, this saves developers time and speeds up development cycles.
  • Starting with Infisical is simple, fast, and free.
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