This guide provides step-by-step guidance on how to fetch secrets from Infisical using Terraform.


  • Basic understanding of Terraform
  • Install Terraform


1. Define Required Providers

Specify infisical in the required_providers block within the terraform block of your configuration file. If you would like to use a specific version of the provider, uncomment and replace <latest version> with the version of the Infisical provider that you want to use.
terraform {
  required_providers {
    infisical = {
      # version = <latest version>
      source = "infisical/infisical"

2. Configure the Infisical Provider

Set up the Infisical provider by specifying the host and service_token. Replace <> in service_token with your actual token. The host is only required if you are using a self-hosted instance of Infisical.
provider "infisical" {
  host          = "" # Only required if using self hosted instance of Infisical, default is
  client_id     = "<>"
  client_secret = "<>"

It is recommended to use Terraform variables to pass your service token dynamically to avoid hard coding it

3. Fetch Infisical Secrets

Use the infisical_secrets data source to fetch your secrets. In this block, you must set the env_slug and folder_path to scope the secrets you want.

env_slug is the slug of the environment name. This slug name can be found under the project settings page on the Infisical dashboard.

folder_path is the path to the folder in a given environment. The path / for root of the environment where as /folder1 is the folder at the root of the environment.
data "infisical_secrets" "my-secrets" {
  env_slug    = "dev"
  folder_path = "/some-folder/another-folder"
  workspace_id = "your-project-id"

4. Define Outputs

As an example, we are going to output your fetched secrets. Replace SECRET-NAME with the actual name of your secret.

For a single secret:
output "single-secret" {
  value =["SECRET-NAME"]

For all secrets:

output "all-secrets" {
  value =

5. Run Terraform

Once your configuration is complete, initialize your Terraform working directory:

$ terraform init

Then, run the plan command to view the fetched secrets:

$ terraform plan

Terraform will now fetch your secrets from Infisical and display them as output according to your configuration.


You have now successfully set up and used the Infisical provider with Terraform to fetch secrets. For more information, visit the Infisical documentation.

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