Twilio SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery platform that helps businesses send transactional and marketing emails. It uses an API key to do various operations. Using Infisical you can easily dynamically change the keys.


  1. Infisical will need an admin token of SendGrid to create API keys dynamically.
  2. Using the given admin token and scope by user Infisical will create and rotate API keys periodically
  3. Under the hood infisical uses SendGrid API

Rotation Configuration

  1. Head over to Secret Rotation configuration page of your project by clicking on side bar Secret Rotation

  2. Click on Twilio SendGrid Card

  3. Provide the inputs

    • Admin API Key: SendGrid admin key to create lower scoped API keys.
    • API Key Scopes SendGrid generated API Key’s scopes. For more info refer this doc
  4. Final step

    • Select Environment, Secret Path and Interval to rotate the secrets
    • Finally select the secrets in your provided board to replace with new secret after each rotation
    • Your done and good to go.

Now your output mapped secret value will be replaced periodically by SendGrid.