An Infisical organization is a set of projects that use the same billing. Organizations allow one or more users to control billing and project permissions for all of the projects belonging to the organization. Each project belongs to an organization.


The Projects page is where you can view the projects that you have access to within your organization as well as create a new project.



The Settings page lets you manage information about your organization including:

  • Name: The name of your organization.
  • Incident contacts: Emails that should be alerted if anything abnormal is detected within the organization.

organization settings general

  • Security and Authentication: A set of setting to enforce or manage SAML, SCIM, LDAP, and other authentication configurations.

organization settings auth

Access Control

The Access Control page is where you can manage identities (both people and machines) that are part of your organization. You can add or remove additional members as well as modify their permissions.

organization members organization identities

In the Organization Roles tab, you can edit current or create new custom roles for members within the organization.

Note that Role-Based Access Management (RBAC) is partly a paid feature.

Infisical provides immutable roles like admin, member, etc. at the organization and project level for free.

If you’re using Infisical Cloud, the ability to create custom roles is available under the Pro Tier. If you’re self-hosting Infisical, then you should contact [email protected] to purchase an enterprise license to use it.

organization roles

As you can see next, Infisical supports granular permissions that you can tailor to each role. If you need certain members to only be able to access billing details, for example, then you can assign them that permission only.

organization role permissions

Usage & Billing

The Usage & Billing page applies only to Infisical Cloud and is where you can manage your plan and billing information.

This includes the following items:

  • Current plan: The current plan information such as what tier your organization is on and what features/limits apply to this tier.
  • Licenses: The license keys for self-hosted instances of Infisical (if applicable).
  • Receipts: The receipts of monthly/annual invoices.
  • Billing: The billing details of your organization including payment methods on file, tax IDs (if applicable), etc.

organization usage and billing