Note that Audit Logs is a paid feature.

If you’re using Infisical Cloud, then it is available under the Pro, and Enterprise Tier with varying retention periods. If you’re self-hosting Infisical, then you should contact [email protected] to purchase an enterprise license to use it.

Infisical provides audit logs for security and compliance teams to monitor information access. With the Audit Log functionality, teams can:

  • Track 40+ different events;
  • Filter audit logs by event, actor, source, date or any combination of these filters;
  • Inspect extensive metadata in the event of any suspicious activity or incident review.

Audit logs

Each log contains the following data:

  • Event: The underlying action such as create, list, read, update, or delete secret(s).
  • Actor: The entity responsible for performing or causing the event; this can be a user or service.
  • Timestamp: The date and time at which point the event occurred.
  • Source (User agent + IP): The software (user agent) and network address (IP) from which the event was initiated.
  • Metadata: Additional data to provide context for each event. For example, this could be the path at which a secret was fetched from etc.