A project in Infisical belongs to an organization and contains a number of environments, folders, and secrets. Only users and machine identities who belong to a project can access resources inside of it according to predefined permissions.

Project environments

For both visual and organizational structure, Infisical allows splitting up secrets into environments (e.g., development, staging, production). In project settings, such environments can be customized depending on the intended use case.

project secrets overview

Secrets Overview

The Secrets Overview page captures a birds-eye-view of secrets and folders across environments. This is useful for comparing secrets, identifying if anything is missing, and making quick changes.

project secrets overview

Secrets Dashboard

The Secrets Dashboard page appears when you press to manage the secrets of a specific environment.

project dashboard


To add a secret, press Add Secret button at the top of the dashboard.

project add secret

For a new project, it can be convenient to populate the dashboard by dropping a .env file into the provided pane as shown below:

project drop env file

To delete a secret, hover over it and press the X button that appears on the right side.

project delete secret

To delete multiple secrets at once, hover over and select the secrets you’d like to delete and press the Delete button that appears at the top.

project delete secret batch

To search for specific secrets by their key name, you can use the search bar.

project search

To assist you with finding secrets, you can also group them by similar prefixes and filter them by tags (if applicable).

project filter


To view/hide all secrets at once, toggle the hide or un-hide button.

project filter

Download as .env

To download/export secrets back into a .env file, press the download button.

project download back env


To better organize similar secrets, hover over them and label them with a tag.

project tag secret


To provide more context about a given secret, especially for your team, hover over it and press the comment button.

project comment secret

Personal overrides

Infisical employs the concept of shared and personal secrets to address the need for common and custom secret values, or branching, amongst members of a team during software development. To provide a helpful analogy: A shared value is to a main branch as a personal value is to a custom branch.


  • A team with users A, B, user C.
  • A project with an environment containing a shared secret called D with the value E.

Suppose user A overrides the value of secret D with the value F.


  • If user A fetches the secret D back, they get the value F.
  • If users B and C fetch the secret D back, they both get the value E.

Please keep in mind that secret reminders won’t work with personal overrides.

project override secret


To view the full details of each secret, you can hover over it and press on the ellipses button.

project secrets ellipses

This opens up a side-drawer:

project secrets drawer

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