While most features in Infisical are free to use, others are paid and require purchasing an enterprise license to use them.

This guide walks through how you can use these paid features on a self hosted instance of Infisical.


Purchase a license

Start by either signing up for a free demo here or contacting [email protected] to purchase a license.

Once purchased, you will be issued a license key.


Activate the license

Depending on whether or not the environment where Infisical is deployed has internet access, you may be issued a regular license or an offline license.

  • Assign the issued license key to the LICENSE_KEY environment variable in your Infisical instance.

  • Your Infisical instance will need to communicate with the Infisical license server to validate the license key. If you want to limit outgoing connections only to the Infisical license server, you can use the following IP addresses: and

Ensure that your firewall or network settings allow outbound connections to these IP addresses to avoid any issues with license validation.

Once your instance starts up, the license key will be validated and you’ll be able to use the paid features. However, when the license expires, Infisical will continue to run, but EE features will be disabled until the license is renewed or a new one is purchased.

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