This page details the minimum requirements necessary for installing and using Infisical. The actual resource requirements will vary in direct proportion to the operations performed by Infisical and the level of utilization by the end users.

Deployment Sizes

Small suitable for most initial production setups, as well as development and testing scenarios.

Large suitable for high-demand production environments, characterized by either a high volume of transactions, large number of secrets, or both.

Hardware Requirements


Infisical doesn’t require file storage as all persisted data is saved in the database. However, its logs and metrics are saved to disk for later viewing. As a result, we recommend provisioning 1-2 GB of storage.


CPU requirements vary heavily on the volume of secret operations (reads and writes) you anticipate. Processing large volumes of secrets frequently and consistently will require higher CPU.

Recommended minimum CPU hardware for different sizes of deployments:

  • small: 2-4 core is the recommended minimum
  • large: 4-8 cores are suitable for larger deployments

Memory Allocation

Memory needs depend on expected workload, including factors like user activity, automation level, and the frequency of secret operations.

Recommended minimum memory hardware for different sizes of deployments:

  • small: 4-8 GB is the recommended minimum
  • large: 16-32 GB are suitable for larger deployments

Database & caching layer


PostgreSQL is the only database supported by Infisical. Infisical has been extensively tested with Postgres version 16. We recommend using versions 14 and up for optimal compatibility.

Recommended resource allocation based on deployment size:

  • small: 2 vCPU / 8 GB RAM / 20 GB Disk
  • large: 4vCPU / 16 GB RAM / 100 GB Disk


Redis is utilized for session management and background tasks in Infisical.

Redis requirements:

  • Use Redis versions 6.x or 7.x. We advise upgrading to at least Redis 6.2.
  • Redis Cluster mode is currently not supported; use Redis Standalone, with or without High Availability (HA).
  • Redis storage needs are minimal: a setup with 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, and 30GB SSD will be sufficient for small deployments.

Supported Web Browsers

Infisical supports a range of web browsers. However, features such as browser-based CLI login only work on Google Chrome and Firefox at the moment.