Self-host vs. Infisical Cloud

Self-hosting Infisical means managing the service yourself, taking care of upgrades, scaling, security, etc.

If you’re less technical and looking for a hands-free experience with minimal overhead then we recommend Infisical Cloud.

We provide a docker-compose deployment option for those who want to deploy Infisical onto a Linux VM easily.

  1. Install Docker on your VM
# Example in ubuntu
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt install docker-compose
  1. Download the required files
# Download env file template
wget -O .env

# Download docker compose template
wget -O docker-compose.yml

# Download nginx config
mkdir nginx && wget -O ./nginx/default.conf
  1. Tweak the .env according to your preferences. Refer to the available environment variables
# update environment variables like mongo login
nano .env
  1. Get the service up and running.
# Start up services in detached mode
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d
  1. Your Infisical installation is complete and should be running on http://localhost:80. Please note that the containers are not exposed to the internet and only bind to the localhost. It’s up to you to configure a firewall, SSL certificates, and implement any additional security measures.