Infisical API

The Infisical API (sometimes referred to as the backend) contains the core platform logic.

Storage backend

Infisical relies on a storage backend to store data including users and secrets.

Currently, the only supported storage backend is MongoDB but we plan to add support for other options including PostgreSQL in Q1 2024.


Infisical uses Redis to enable more complex workflows including a queuing system to manage long running asynchronous tasks, cron jobs, as well as reliable cache for frequently used resources.

Infisical Web UI

The Web UI is the browser-based portal that connects to the Infisical API.

Infisical clients

Clients are any application or infrastructure that connecting to the Infisical API using one of the below methods:

  • Public API: Making API requests directly to the Infisical API.
  • Client SDK: A platform-specific library with method abstractions for working with secrets. Currently, there are two official SDKs: Node SDK and Python SDK.
  • CLI: A terminal-based interface for interacting with the Infisical API.
  • Kubernetes Operator: This operator retrieves secrets from Infisical and securely store