Infisical’s REST API is the most flexible way to read/write secrets for your application.

In this brief, we’ll explore how to fetch a secret back from a project on Infisical Cloud via the REST API.


Create a project with a secret

To create a project, head to your Organization Overview and press Add New Project; we’ll call the project Demo App. create project

create project

Next, let’s head to the Development environment of the project and add a secret FOO=BAR to it.

explore project env

create secret

project dashboard

For this brief, you’ll need to disable end-to-end encryption in your Project Settings


Create an identity

Next, we need to create an identity to represent your application. To create one, head to your Organization Settings > Access Control > Machine Identities and press Create identity.

identities organization

When creating an identity, you specify an organization level role for it to assume; you can configure roles in Organization Settings > Access Control > Organization Roles.

identities organization create

Once you’ve created an identity, you’ll be prompted to configure the Universal Auth authentication method for it.

identities organization create auth method


Create a Client Secret

In order to use the identity, you’ll need the non-sensitive Client ID of the identity and a Client Secret for it; you can think of these credentials akin to a username and password used to authenticate with the Infisical API. With that, press on the key icon on the identity to generate a Client Secret for it.

identities client secret create identities client secret create identities client secret create


Add the identity to the project

To enable the identity to access your project, we need to add it to the project. To do this, head over to the Demo App Project Settings > Access Control > Machine Identities and press Add identity.

Next, select the identity you want to add to the project and the role you want to assign it.

identities project

identities project create


Get an access token for the Infisical API

To access the Infisical API as the identity, you should first perform a login operation that is to exchange the Client ID and Client Secret of the identity for an access token by making a request to the /api/v1/auth/universal-auth/login endpoint.

Sample request

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
--data-urlencode 'clientSecret=<client_secret>' \
--data-urlencode 'clientId=<client_id>'

Sample response

"accessToken": "...",
"expiresIn": 7200,
"tokenType": "Bearer"

Next, we can use the access token to authenticate with the Infisical API to read/write secrets

Each identity access token has a time-to-live (TLL) which you can infer from the response of the login operation; the default TTL is 7200 seconds which can be adjusted.

If an identity access token expires, it can no longer authenticate with the Infisical API. In this case, a new access token should be obtained from the aforementioned login operation.


Fetch back secret

Finally, you can fetch the secret FOO=BAR back from Step 1 by including the access token in the previous step in another request to the /api/v3/secrets/raw/{secretName} endpoint.

Sample request

curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:8080/api/v3/secrets/raw/FOO?workspaceId=657830d579cfc8415d06ce5b&environment=dev' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>'

Sample response

    "secret": {
        "_id": "6564234b934d634e1fcd6cdf",
        "version": 1,
        "workspace": "6564173e934d634e1fcd6950",
        "type": "shared",
        "environment": "dev",
        "secretKey": "FOO2",
        "secretValue": "BAR2",
        "secretComment": ""

Note that you can fetch a list of secrets back by making a request to the /api/v3/secrets/raw endpoint.

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