In April 2023, we added the capability for users to query for secrets by name to improve the user experience of Infisical. Previously, it was only possible to query by id of the secret or fetch all secrets belonging to a project and environment.

Blind indexing must be enabled for projects created prior to April 2023 to take effect. If your project can be blind indexed, then you’ll see a section in your project settings appear as shown below:

project enable blind indices

It works using virtually irreversible blind indices generated by applying argon2id to the name of each secret and a random 128-bit salt assigned to each project on the server. We continue to keep the values of secrets E2EE by default.

You can read more about it here.

As previously mentioned, all projects made after April 2023 are automatically blind indexed. If you created a project before this date, you have to enable it manually in your project settings.