1. Quickstart

This example demonstrates how to store and inject environment variables from Infisical Cloud into your application.

Note that the Infisical CLI is platform-agnostic and can inject environment variables across many tech stacks and frameworks.

Set up Infisical Cloud

  1. Login or create an account at app.infisical.com.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Populate your environment variables as in the image below.

project quickstart

Set up the CLI

  1. Follow the instructions to install the CLI.

  2. Initialize Infisical for your project.

# move to your project
cd /path/to/project

# initialize infisical
infisical init

Start your app with environment variables injected

# inject environment variables into app
infisical run -- [your application start command]

Check out our integrations for injecting environment variables into frameworks and platforms like Docker.

Your app should be running with the environment variables injected.