1. Features

This is a non-exhaustive list of features that Infisical offers:


  • Provision members access to organizations and projects.
  • Manage secrets by adding, deleting, updating them across environments; search, sort, hide/un-hide, export/import them.
  • Sync secrets to platforms via integrations to platforms like GitHub, Vercel, and Netlify.
  • Rollback secrets to any point in time.
  • Rollback each secrets to any version.
  • Track actions through activity logs.


The CLI is used to inject environment variables into applications and infrastructure.

  • Inject environment variables.
  • Inject environment variables into containers via service tokens for Docker.


We’re building the future of secret management, one that’s comprehensive and accessible to all. Some high-level features we have in mind:

More hosting optionsOngoing
1-Click DeploysOngoing
Account recovery: Backup keyOngoing
Access logsOngoing
Account recovery: Member-assistedComing soon
Slack & MS teams integrationsComing soon
Version control for secretsComing soon
2FAComing soon
Restricted IPsComing soon
Read/write access controlsComing soon
Secret rotationComing soon
Comparing secrets across environmentsComing soon

Interested in contributing? Check out the guide.