1. Deployment options
  2. Kubernetes

Self-host vs. Infisical Cloud

Self-hosting Infisical means managing the service yourself, taking care of upgrades, scaling, security, etc.

If you’re less technical and looking for a hands-free experience with minimal overhead then we recommend Infisical Cloud.


1. Fill our environment variables

Before you can deploy the Helm chart, you must fill out the required environment variables. To do so, please copy the below file to a .yaml file. Refer to the available environment variables to learn more

Once you have a local copy of the values file, fill our the required environment variables and save the file.

2. Install Infisical Helm repository

helm repo add infisical-helm-charts 'https://dl.cloudsmith.io/public/infisical/helm-charts/helm/charts/' 
helm repo update

3. Install the Helm chart

By default, the helm chart will be installed on your default namespace. If you wish to install the Chart on a different namespace, you may specify that by adding the --namespace <namespace-to-install-to> to your helm install command.

## Installs to default namespace
helm install infisical-helm-charts/infisical --generate-name --values <path to the values.yaml you downloaded/created in step 2>

If you have not filled out all of the required environment variables, you will see an error message prompting you to do so.

4. Your Infisical installation is complete and should be running on the host name you specified in Ingress in values.yaml.