Infisical uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) whenever possible to securely store and share secret values. It uses secure remote password (SRP) to handle authentication and public-key cryptography for secret sharing and syncing; secrets are symmetrically encrypted by keys decryptable only by members of the project.

Infisical uses AES256-GCM for symmetric encryption and x25519-xsalsa20-poly1305 for asymmetric encryption operations mentioned in this brief; key generation and asymmetric algorithms are implemented with the TweetNaCl.js library which has been well-audited and recommended for use by cybersecurity firm Cure53. Lastly, the secure remote password (SRP) implementation uses jsrp package for user authentication. As part of our commitment to user privacy and security, we aim to conduct formal security and compliance audits in the following year.


Infisical’s security model spans sensitive data stored on the server-side and in transit between user devices; it makes no security guarantees for malicious events that can occur beyond its control such as user-device security exploits or key-logging arising from poor cybersecurity management on the users’ behalf.


In subsequent sections, we refer:

  • To users uploading their secrets to Infisical as “senders” and those receiving secrets as “receivers”. For instance, if Bob and Alice are both enrolled in a project and Bob adds new secrets to the project to be pulled by Alice, then Bob is considered to be the sender and Alice the receiver.
  • To any activity involving uploading or modifying secrets to Infisical as “pushing” and fetching secrets from Infisical as “pulling.”


As a secrets manager, we are deeply committed to enforcing the privacy and security of all users and data on the platform but acknowledge that it is virtually impossible to guarantee perfect security; unfortunately, even the most secure systems have vulnerabilities.

As part of our commitment, we do our best to maintain platform privacy and security, notify users if anything goes wrong, and rectify adverse situations immediately if anything happens. As Infisical grows, we will be adding more opt-in security measures to ensure better data protection and maintain trust within the growing community. With that, let’s make the most simple and secure secrets management system out there!


Infisical Team