Authorize Infisical for Railway

Obtain a Railway API Token in your Railway Account Settings > Tokens.

integrations railway dashboard integrations railway token

If this is your first time creating a Railway API token, then you’ll be prompted to join Railway’s Private Boarding Beta program on the Railway Account Settings > Tokens page.

Note that Railway project tokens will not work for this integration since they don’t work with Railway’s Public API.

Navigate to your project’s integrations tab in Infisical.


Press on the Railway tile and input your Railway API Key to grant Infisical access to your Railway account.

integrations railway authorization

If this is your project’s first cloud integration, then you’ll have to grant Infisical access to your project’s environment variables. Although this step breaks E2EE, it’s necessary for Infisical to sync the environment variables to the cloud platform.


Start integration

Select which Infisical environment secrets you want to sync to which Railway project and environment (and optionally service). Lastly, press create integration to start syncing secrets to Railway.

integrations create railway

Infisical integrates with both Railway’s shared variables at the project environment level as well as service variables at the service level.

To sync secrets to a specific service in a project, you can select a service from the Railway Service dropdown; otherwise, leaving it empty will sync secrets to the shared variables of that project.

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