Infisical is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted secret management platform that enables teams to easily store, manage, and sync secrets like API keys, database credentials, and environment variables across their apps and infrastructure.

This quickstart provides an overview of the functionalities offered by Infisical.


Projects hold secrets for applications, which are further organized into environments such as development, testing and production.

Secrets Overview

The secrets overview provides a bird’s-eye view of all the secrets in a project and is particularly useful for identifying missing secrets across environments.

dashboard secrets overview

Secrets Dashboard

The secrets dashboard lets you manage secrets for a specific environment in a project. Here, developers can override secrets, version secrets, rollback projects to any point in time, and much more.



The integrations page provides native integrations to sync secrets from a project environment to a host of ever-expanding integrations.

Depending on your infrastructure setup and compliance requirements, you may or may not prefer to use these native integrations since they break end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

You will learn about various ways to integrate with Infisical and maintain E2EE in subsequent quickstart sections.


Access Control

The members page lets you add/remove members for a project and provision them access to environments (access levels include No Access, Read Only, and Read and Write).

project members


Organizations house projects and members.

Organization Settings

At the organization-level, you can add/remove members and manage their access to projects.

organization name modal open organization name modal open

That’s it for the platform quickstart! — We encourage you to continue exploring the documentation to gain a deeper understanding of the extensive features and functionalities that Infisical has to offer.

Next, head back to Getting Started > Introduction to explore ways to fetch secrets from Infisical to your apps and infrastructure.