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Infisical Update – June 2024

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June 2024 has been a very fruitful month at Infisical! Our team released many great features and has a lot of awesome news to share!

1. Infisical PKI

Perhaps one of the most exciting features launched this month is Infisical PKI.

You can now issue certificates and manage their full lifecycle across infrastructure with Infisical. In particular, it is now possible for teams to create Private CA hierarchies and issue X.509 certificates for applications ranging from creating encrypted TLS communication channels to authenticating users, computers, and IoT devices.

In the coming months, we’re excited to roll out more updates to this new product line including advanced alerting, comprehensive event bus / webhooks for lifecycle events, and much more.

Secret Sharing

2. Infisical Go SDK

After countless requests, were excited to announce the launch of the official Go SDK for Infisical. Similarly to other SDKs, it allows users to perform all major secret operations with support for automatic caching and more.

More SDKs will be coming out soon, so you can let us know which ones are important to you in our Slack community.

3. Improved Terraform Provider

Infisical Terraform Provider is now able to fully provision all most important components of Infisical. Our team has added support for many additional resources including projects, identities, privileges, roles, and tags.


Secret Sharing is now avaiable publicly for free without the need to sign up for Infisical Cloud. Simply open, and share sensitive information with anyone on the internet securely.

Secret Sharing

5. Native Auth Methods for K8s Operator, Agent, SDKs

Native Authentication methods for GCP, AWS, Azure, and K8s are now available across all clients – this includes Kubernetes Operator, Terraform Provider, Infisical Agent, SDKs, CLI, and more.

Infisical Auth Methods

More features

  • This month we released a number of important security improvements around encryption, automated account lockout, captcha, and more.
  • SAML SSO login does not require inputting a password anymore.
  • OIDC SAML is now supported as an authentication method.


We have released a number of new customer success stories – including a case study with Hugging Face.

Hugging Face Case Study


We are hiring are actively hiring for engineering position! You can find out more and apply at Infisical Careers page.

That's it for our June 2024 update! If you have any feature requests or feedback for Infisical, please join our Slack community and share those in the #infisical-feedback channel. If you have any questions about Infisical Pro or Enterprise, you can contact us at [email protected] or sign up for a demo.

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