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Infisical $2.8M Seed Round

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As reported by TechCrunch today, Infisical raised a $2.8M seed round led by Gradient Ventures with participation from Y Combinator, TwentyTwo VC, and a number of angel investors.

Infisical is growing fast

Since joining Y Combinator’s Winter‘23 batch, we’ve sought to redefine the secret management product vertical and that meant redesigning the entire experience from ground up. As a result of laser focus on product, developer experience, and customer support, Infisical is now one of the largest and fastest-growing open source security projects on GitHub and processes over 160 million secrets per month for startups, large corporations, and governments.

That said, none of this would have been possible without Infisical’s growing developer community. In just half year, our open source community has grown to 1000s of developers across Slack and GitHub who contribute, provide feedback, and help us pave way for the future of Infisical. We are immensely thankful for everyone and excited to keep pushing the limits of secret management with you all.

Our investors

To help us scale demand, we are excited to partner with Gradient Ventures as our lead investor on our seed round. We are also thrilled to have participation from Y Combinator and TwentyTwo VC who have backed many existing and upcoming next-generation developer tools.

In addition, many experienced operators and angel investors are participating in the round. These investors will also advise the company and they include Elad Gil, Diana Hu (Partner, Y Combinator), Darian Shirazi (General Partner, Gradient Ventures), James Hawkins (Co-founder and CEO, PostHog), Paul Copplestone (Co-founder & CEO, Supabase), Siggi Simonarson (Co-founder & CEO, BuildBuddy), Andrew Miklas (Co-founder and ex-CTO, PagerDuty), Erik Muttersbach (Co-founder and CTO, Forto), Viet Le (Principal, La Famiglia VC), Christoph Deckert (Head of Growth, Personio), and more.

What now?

Infisical is on a mission to make security more accessible and enjoyable for every developer and we’re just getting started – no matter if they are working on their weekly project or doing work for some of the largest companies. Fulfilling this promise means expanding platform functionality rapidly (like we recently did with Infisical Radar), which is exactly how we’ll use the new investment.

Over the next couple months, we plan to double-down on existing and new product verticals whilst ensuring a seamless and reliable experience all throughout. We’re incredibly excited about what’s ahead for us, and hope that you are, too!

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